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 How to Get Inside the Strip Club and What Etiquettes to Follow?

Guys are thrilled to visit a strip club in the evening. The atmosphere inside is fun including gorgeous strip dancers and alcohol flowing. New guys may feel a little concerned about what to expect as they have seen how bouncers throw men out with a bad kick. No worries if you are allowed inside by the bouncer but make sure to respect every staff, dancers, and bartenders. Drink responsibly!

Going to Bucks Wild Fort Worth is fun if basic strip club etiquette rules are followed. It has to be exciting!

Get into the strip club

  • The ID is necessary to enter the strip club. Even carry cash for parking, purchase drinks inside, and give tips. There are ATM machines inside many clubs but you may be charged for using them. Therefore, carry sufficient cash, so you don’t need to incur the extra ATM charges.
  • Beforehand find out if there is any dress code policy at the strip club you are planning to visit. There are clothing policies at some clubs. For example, white shoes, tank tops or large gold chains are prohibited in a few. Usually, it is okay to wear jeans and polo, but it is wise to call or check their website to avoid not being allowed inside by the bouncer.

  • Ask the bouncer about any cover charge or drink minimum before entering.
  • Show your ID as proof of your age. A driving license or passport can be used.
  • When you are allowed inside order a drink. Drinks are expensive as the bar is the only source that brings money for the club. You can also order a non-alcoholic cocktail because ordering a drink shows you are a good customer.
  • After ordering drinks, look for a comfortable seat and relax. Avoid sitting very close to the stage, except you plan to tip dancers consistently!

 Follow proper etiquettes

  • Say NO clearly, if you are not comfortable buying a stripper a drink. Never make excuses or feel pressurized!
  • Never talk rudely but say ‘NO, thank you”.
  • Ask the price in advance to avoid getting conned into expensive drinks, and dancers.
  • Respect every dancer, bartender, and bouncer. It is their profession and they deserve your respect!
  • Never ask a dancer her real name or any kind of personal details.

Stay safe

  • Park your car in a secure and visible location to avoid getting attacked by criminals who think you are loaded.
  • If you plan to indulge in drinking take an Uber.
  • Ensure no one in your group is left behind.

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