The 5 Best Bonus Codes That Online Casinos Can Offer To Players

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 In the world today, online casinos have increased and grown in popularity. This is very challenging for new casino owners, as they have to look for new and exciting ways to attracts and retain clients on their base. There are different types of bonuses, like the casino planet7 bonus, and they depend on how of a daily punter you are on that site, and how big your deposits are. It is fair to state that, bonus codes offered,  are often earned by punters, and this is what makes them faithful and loyal to the online casino site.hat  nuses depends on how of acan offer to players There are various types of bonus codes offered on an online casino, intending to market the site and in turn have more punters.

  • Sign up bonus

Also known as the welcome bonus. They are the most common form of bonuses, offered by casinos. The common percentage rate is a hundred and anything above the two hundred percent should be looked at carefully as there could be lots of restrictions when it comes to withdrawing the bonus earned. Casinos may sometimes specify you to use a bonus coupon or code to claim these bonuses.

  • Monthly bonus

These bonuses are claimed monthly, and they keep a punter playing. They are also known as deposit, reload, or loyalty bonuses. Most online casinos don’t publicize this but they do offer them to their playing customers. How you gain this bonus depends on your previous month’s activity and they send you this package mostly via email. The higher the bonus, the higher the activity on your account.

  • No deposit bonus

Here, no deposit is required to get the bonus. A very good way to check out the online site being advertised. This is also a marketing tool for new casinos, to get new players, to try a new game with no risk at all. This bonus can be abused by punters and, on that note, the casino owners include a high wagering requirement for one to receive this bonus. The high wagering requirement is normal in the no deposit bonus, as the casino is dishing out free money.

Several online casinos would like to attract customers who deposit hugely and play more, therefore the introduction of this type of bonus. The whales or VIPs, commonly referred to as they get huge bonuses for their huge deposits. Depending on a punter activity on the particular online casino, incentives such as sporting events tickets, a hundred percent welcome bonus, and perks are offered to them.

  • Payment method bonus

Online casinos can offer a wide variety of banking methods for punters to deposit and withdraw their funds. There is always a catch when you do this. A certain payment method, normally an e-wallet, is offered as a bonus as well as the welcome bonus when using the payment method specified. It is not a common type of bonus, but when you find it being offered, take it.

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