How Can I Book a European River Cruise in 2021?

The international travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are easing up due to the impressive global COVID-19 vaccination rollout, and now is the perfect time for traveling enthusiasts to pack their bags for a cruise trip to discover the best destinations Europe has to offer. If you got vaccinated and have proof of vaccination, various European River Cruises will be happy to have you on board, provided all guests continue to practice all the SOPs to protect themselves and others from a potential Coronavirus infection.

European River Cruise trips are the best way to experience the beauty and serenity of the various landscapes Europe has in store for all visitors. From classic and modern architectural marvels to stunning natural mountains and fields, Europe has it all. European countries like France, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are host to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and allow visitors to indulge in a wonderful cultural experience at each location, complete with regional food, music, and entertainment options.

European River Cruises 2021

You can book your European River Cruise for 2021 by choosing your favorite city, country, or river. You can choose from three major travel itineraries organized by European Rivers, including Viking River Cruises, Scenic River Cruises, and Uniworld River Cruises. Each cruise route has different destinations planned out for a complete experience. Visitors can delve deep into the culture of each location and indulge in the arts, architecture, music, entertainment, and food options.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises are some of the biggest and most luxurious cruise vessels in the world. The vessels have the best amenities a modern luxury cruise has to offer, including sun decks, spas, restaurants, entertainment lounges, and more. The vessels are designed to weather the conditions of the vast European Rivers while delivering a seamless and serene experience to visitors.

The Viking range of European River Cruises has both large and small vessels that can navigate the smaller European Rivers like the Douro, Elbe, and Seine Rivers with immense ease. Aside from the impressive longship collection, there are over fifty longships in the Viking River Cruise lineup. These vessels have close to a hundred rooms that can comfortably accommodate more than two hundred guests.

Scenic River Cruises

Scenic River Cruises is one of the oldest cruise lines in the world. The cruise line is renowned for its luxurious and relaxing travel experience that involves trips across the European Rivers that take voyagers all across Europe. Aside from Europe, the cruise line also travels across oceans as part of its New England, Alaskan, and Canadian cruise routes.

Scenic River Cruises include Danube, Elbe, Main, Rhône, Seine, Rhine, Moselle, and Douro River Cruises. Scenic River Cruise ships are state-of-the-art vessels that feature all modern luxuries that are found in high-end five-star restaurants.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld River Cruise line is a fourteen-ship fleet that caters to cruise guests looking for a luxurious cruise experience while traveling through Europe. Each room features mini-bars besides exquisite room service to make guests feel at home. Each room also gets a personal butler, and the cruise is outfitted with fitness centers, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and more.

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