A Guide to Phi Phi Islands

The south of Thailand is very much the jewel of South East Asia, with many 5-star beach resorts set in a tropical paradise, and one of the most popular tourist destinations are the tropical islands of Phi Phi. In fact, there are two Phi Phi islands; Phi Phi Don, where people reside, and Phi Phi Lay, which is a National Park. The main Phi Phi island is always full of tourists, and walking around the bars is recommended, when you are bound to meet like-minded tourists who are experiencing this tropical paradise.

Getting There

If you want to go to Phi Phi island, there are boats from Phuket and Krabi and the voyage takes just under 2 hours. You could book a room at one of the resorts on Laem Tong beach, Phi Phi where you can experience 5-star luxury, and they have rates to suit all budgets. The ferry ride can be a bit rough and if you think you might suffer from sea-sickness, take a plastic bag with you, just in case, as many tourists do fall foul of the sea swells.

Things to Do – Daytime

If you are looking for some daytime activities on Phi Phi Island, why not take the long-tailed boat to Phi Phi Lay, where you can enjoy Maya Bay, where you will see an abundance of marine life. If scuba or snorkeling is your thing, you are in the perfect place and one of the many dive operators can help you to immerse yourself in the magical underwater world that is home to stunning marine creatures.

Night Time Activities

The night life on Phi Phi is second to none and you can spend the evenings visiting the beachfront bars and dance the night away to hit records. You certainly won’t be alone when you watch the sun rise after an epic night of drinking cocktails and dancing with your friends. The Reggae Bar is one of the well-known drinking holes, which even has its own boxing ring, should you fancy trying your hand at Muay Thai.

Phi Phi Island is truly a great place to spend a couple of weeks chilling on the beach, and with online solutions, booking ideal accommodation is never an issue. If you plan on travelling between November and January, this is the high season and prices are a little higher than at other times of the year.

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