4 Ways Air Can Make a Difference When You’re RV Camping

Air is an interesting thing. We need it to survive, yet we take it for granted more often than not. Most of us just don’t think about it. We breathe in; we breathe out. That’s about it. But take up the RV lifestyle and your perspective could change. RV owners know that air becomes a lot more important – or at least a lot more noticeable – whenever they are out and about.

Motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers obviously create a different kind of camping experience compared to tents and camper vans. RVs offer a lot more amenities. But with those amenities come additional complications. And a lot of them are in some way related to air.

Not convinced? Check out these four ways air can make a difference when you are RV camping:

1. It Can Freeze Your Plumbing

Your typical motorhome or trailer is not well insulated underneath. So even though plumbing components may not be completely exposed, they also are not protected against extremely cold temperatures. A couple of hours at subfreezing temperatures can do a number on your plumbing. How do you solve that problem? With RV skirting.

An air skirting solution like the one made by Connecticut-based AirSkirts does two things. First, it prevents cold air from flowing underneath your rig. Second, it creates an airtight seal for additional insulation. Cold air is not a problem when your RV is properly skirted.

2. It Can Create Condensation

Cool air can be problematic even if it is not cold enough to freeze your plumbing. For instance, it can cause condensation on windows and other select interior spaces. Frequent condensation can cause interior damage that your insurance doesn’t cover.

Condensation is caused by a difference in temperature between two air masses. If the air inside your motorhome is warm but in the temperature outside is cold, you could see condensation form on the front windscreen. Unfortunately, RV cooking and showering add extra moisture to the air, moisture that can contribute to condensation.

3. It Can Make You More Comfortable

Air isn’t always problematic for the RV lifestyle. Sometimes it can make you more comfortable. For instance, converting the dining room table into a bed is functional, but don’t plan on a whole lot of comfort. The built-in cushions just don’t get it done. Replace those cushions with an air mattress and you may sleep a lot easier.

There are families that love to RV camp even though they cannot all fit in a trailer. So what do they do? They let the older kids sleep outside in tents. Air mattresses make them more comfortable, too.

4. You Need It to Maintain Your Rig

In addition to making you more comfortable, air is a tool you need to maintain your rig. For starters, the tires are filled with air. You need to maintain proper air pressure in order to maximize mileage and extend tire life for as long as possible. That’s RV maintenance 101.

Beyond that, RV owners use air to purge their water systems at the end of the season. They use air to clean out storage compartments. They control humidity levels by continually circulating air throughout interior spaces. The list goes on and on.

Who knew that air was so valuable? Most of us may take it for granted, but RV owners understand just how important it is. Air influences the RV lifestyle in more ways than you can count on two hands. From protecting sensitive plumbing components to making the camping experience more comfortable, air is indispensable. And now you know.

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