Unusual Places In India To Visit On Your Next Trip

India is a country rich in history, cultures and has its fair share of mysteries. Indian history shows the influences of Persian, Mesopotamian, and Turkish cultures in the middle ages. In modern times we see influences of the Dutch, Portuguese and English influences riddled all across the country. A country rich with ancient religious beliefs, practices, and traditions; there are a lot of things that we haven’t yet fully explored. For your next road trip, here are a few rare sights and places that we can find in this magical country –

 1)Karni Mata Temple: (Deshnoke, Rajasthan)

»Temple that houses over 20,000 rats.

The Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan is built in the name of the goddess Karni Mata. The story behind the rodents is that it is believed that Karni Mata manifests herself into the form of a rat thus, these creatures are treated with utmost respect and devotion in this temple.
The religious offerings and prasads are offered to the rats and consumed only after it is tasted by the rats themselves. It is seen as a sign of purification and harming a rat is considered a grave offense here. A divine spot for your next irctc booking, a one of a kind experience is guaranteed.

2) Punsari Village: (Sabarkantha, Gujarat)

»The Model Village

The Punsari village may be unusual but it is in a good way. Villages are generally tagged as rural places with a lack of amenities and connectivity with the urban areas. Punsari is a village that has 24 hours of water supply, electricity, and well-developed schools with air-conditioned classrooms. A well-planned and unique place, it will be great to see villages all over the country follow the path set by Punsari and become self-sufficient villages too.

3) Magnetic Hill: (Ladakh)

»Surreal optical Illusion

The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is often considered a place of supernatural power but truly it is just a brilliant optical illusion that makes it unique. The road seemingly has the power to pull vehicles uphill with no help from the vehicles themselves. In reality, it is a downhill road that looks uphill due to the steeper slide situated at a  small distance away from the road. The road ends up looking uphill to the naked eye. If there wasn’t enough reason to go to the beautiful north, the Magnetic Hill is certainly one.

4) Coral Reefs: Lakshadweep

»Beauty underwater

Both the Andaman-Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep are somewhat ignored when it comes to tourism in India. Being away from the mainland gives it unique characteristics that only an island nation could boast of. Beautiful islands, blue waters, and corals with marine life; not many places in India could claim they can offer such views as it is distinct. Book  confirm ticket of flights and explore the places that are usually overlooked.

India and its immense diversity and beauty are a joy for tourists locally and internationally. Exploring the country further reveals many spectacular magical places apart from the usual big-name tourist spots. Visiting these places gives us a new sense of appreciation for the country of India. Coupled with a cheap hotel booking that provides every necessity at a good deal, no vacation will be unsatisfactory.

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