How to Spend an Awesome Day Out, in and Around Sydney

If you live in or, are travelling to Sydney anytime soon and, are looking for some really cool things to do then you should check out the top 5 attractions. Sydney is placed within what is called NSW (New South Wales) which is the oldest state in Australia, as such it offers a wide range of breath-taking experiences.

Visit The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is one of the most iconic attractions, being home to the Wollemi National Park, where you can have a go at various activities all the way from hiking through the bush, canoeing and, even rock climbing if you’re the adventurous type. The Hunter Valley is also home to Barrington Tops National Park, which hosts ancient rainforests, waterfalls and a wide range of stunning wildlife. You could also take part in the Bathers Way Coastal Walk and then spend a night or two at one of the spa resorts.

Coffs Harbour

If you want something a little more ‘tranquil’ to do then you could visit Coffs Harbour, a favoured get away for many families due to its beautiful beaches and subtropical climate. The town itself is famous for its ‘Big Banana’ which pays homage to the local banana growing economy. You can also visit the Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve or take part in fishing, kayaking, surfing or, even diving.

Visit Montague Island

One of the favourites for families, and people of all ages are the Montague Island excursions that are part of the Montague Island tours, you get a varied experience of going out on a ferry, visiting various coastal lines, seeing a variety of wildlife including dolphins and perhaps even swimming with seals. Swimming with seals won’t be for the faint hearted, but, the ferry ride and whale watching appeals to almost everyone.

Explore Mount Kosciuszko

If you really want to be amazed by scenery then you could travel to Mount Kosciuszko, it stands some 2,228 meters above sea level and is Australia’s highest peak, you probably wouldn’t believe it, but there is snow in the winter which means you could go skiing or even snowboarding!

Why not do all?

Clearly you won’t manage all of these awesome activities in one day, but you could make a week of it, if you have the time. The chance to try some daring activities, as well as, catching your breath as you relax at the beach for a day or so.

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