7 Outdoor Activities That Can Keep You In Shape

Taking the initiative to exercise, as well as finding the ongoing motivation needed to make working out a habit, can be difficult. A notable hurdle is a lack of enjoyment many find in the atmosphere of gyms, coupled with a post-pandemic interest in spending a greater amount of time outdoors. Now, more than half of those actively pursuing exercise are taking their workout regime into nature with activities like running, swimming, and climbing.

If wild landscapes sound more intriguing to you than your current regime environment or the idea of incorporating nature into your exercise is the motivation you need to achieve a new fitness goal, then we have seven of the best outdoor activities that can also keep you in shape.


For those looking to incorporate the outdoors into their workout regime, swimming can be a great place to start, offering plenty more than an enjoyable activity on a hot day. Celebrated for its low-impact workout and health benefits, swimming can easily be incorporated into a routine, especially for those that live close to waterways.

And, when the temperatures drop, cold water swimming is also an option. For those willing to overcome the initial shock, there are a number of great health benefits particularly to low temperatures that can be enjoyed!


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, continuing to grow in popularity, and, for those who can either find or establish a local team, can be an excellent way to exercise outdoors. Regularly participating in a game is not only a great way to keep active but is also socially beneficial too.

Roller Skating

You may have seen that rollerskating has returned to popularity, with individuals and groups taking to local parks to cruise around and showcase their moves. While this might seem solely like a revival trend, it is a great way to keep active and burn calories while having fun too.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

For those who want a sense of adventure with their exercise, stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent and popular low-impact workout that allows practitioners to explore their local waterways. Once equipped with a board and paddle, individuals and groups can begin exploring their local lakes and seafronts regularly and with ease. 


Keeping active during winter isn’t always easy, especially when the climate becomes less accommodating to outdoor activities. However, high-impact and invigorating activities like snowboarding and skiing are great ways to keep yourself active, promising you to have suitable slopes nearby.


One of the main reasons why biking has become a widely celebrated activity for getting into and remaining in good physical shape is that it can easily become a part of a daily routine, replacing other methods of transport. For those who regularly commute or travel short distances, cycling can become a fun way to exercise and travel.


Finally, for those looking for the most accessible physical activity they can pick up, one that requires little equipment and can be enjoyed in almost every location, running remains the best option. There are numerous routes available online, with local groups tending to share their favourite trails and tips to support newcomers.

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