6 reasons why guests will love to stay at a special resort in Bangkok

There are very few people who turn down the opportunity to visit Thailand for a holiday or business. The chance to indulge in captivating culture trying amazing foods while seeing iconic sights resonates with most who love to travel.

While some may head to the islands or beaches, those who decide that the capital, where they can take in history, maybe with a river cruise, will simply love a special resort in Bangkok throughout their stay for the following 6 reasons.

  1. It offers the perfect way to indulge in true Thai tradition as culture and design have been carefully considered to bring guests close to the exquisite Orient of the past while intertwining with the contemporary world.
  2. Despite its location in the vibrant district of Sathorn in the heart of the embassy and business district, the hotel offers tranquillity and calmness, the opposite to much of the chaotic pace and noise of the city, making it the perfect place to unwind and relax ready for the following day.
  3. Each of the guest rooms looks down on a central area which includes an outdoor pool and landscaped gardens offering further escape. It could be the perfect place for those wishing to conduct business to stay, as they want to unwind after meetings which will be easily reached thanks to a great location which includes a nearby MRT underground station.
  4. Some of the rooms provide direct pool access, with all offering contemporary design with Thai influence, and comfortable beds to enjoy a good night’s sleep. They are spacious and have every modern amenity for guests to enjoy including coffee machines and a complimentary minibar.
  5. Spa and wellness treatment in the hotel can be ideal for those wishing to reinvigorate the body and mind, maybe after enjoying some of the attractions around the city. Thai massage and aromatherapy could revitalise those who use the fully equipped fitness room which also offers magnificent views.
  6. What better way to relax for the evening at the hotel than enjoying mouth-watering local flavours as traditional delicacies are served offering Thai cuisine of the highest order, which can be followed by enjoying wines and other drinks on the patio to take full advantage of the calming surroundings.

Anyone heading to Bangkok is guaranteed to add to their experience by staying at an ideally located resort which will offer relaxation and the highest quality in beautiful surroundings.


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